What causes same sex attraction
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What causes same sex attraction?

Many Christians have become quite confused and upset with the question of same sex attractions. The fact is that same-sex attraction has been around for a long time. It has even been described as part of God’s Plan. But there are some things that cause same-sex sexual attractions and/or attractions to become more prevalent in certain situations than others.

The most common is the age. While the majority of same-sex attractions are generally the result of young adulthood or adolescence, there are some cases where same sex attractions are experienced at an older age. For example, many people who were raised as boys and later experienced a gender transition now suffer from same-sex attractions. Also, those who were involved in the sexual abuse of younger siblings may encounter same sex attractions as adults. It’s important to understand that these issues are usually very serious and should not be looked at lightly.

What Causes Same Sex Attraction? Another common factor with same sex attractions is genetics. There is a gene (Y chromosome) that causes some individuals to experience same sex attractions. Also, if you have a gene that causes you to have breasts or other physical characteristics that are considered “female”, then chances are you may also be inclined to have same sex attractions. In some cases, this can be caused by a rare sex-linked gene that is only found in a small number of people. If you do have this gene, then chances are you have had some influence on whether or not you would become a same sex oriented person.

What Causes Same Sex Attraction to occur in myself? A possible answer to the question of what causes same sex attraction has to do with psychological development. We often view sexual orientation as something that is decided at birth. This is the case with gender, although there are a few instances where a person has chosen to live a certain way based on external factors. For example, if a child was adopted at birth, chances are they have had an opposite sex-orientation from that point on. Some people can choose to have a same-sex sexual orientation for a variety of reasons, but if it is determined at birth, it can be hard to change.

What Causes Same Sex Attraction in my Family? This is another one of the questions that causes people to doubt their sexuality. There are a number of couples who identify as gay or lesbian even if their families do not accept their sexual identity. They may feel that if their families are accepting of their sexual identity, then so should they. Unfortunately, many times this is not the case.

What Causes Same Sex Attraction outside of the Family? Outside of the family is where things get complicated. There are a number of reasons why a person would want to try to have a same-sex sexual orientation. Some of them include: being interracial, trying to break away from their parents, feeling pressure from friends, or feeling uncomfortable with their body. Any of these situations could be common for someone who has same-sex attractions.

What Causes Same Sex Attraction outside of the Church? In a religion that teaches one gender to be better than the other, it’s understandable that someone would have same sex attraction. The majority of religions don’t allow same sex attractions and gay marriage. However, there are some groups that do accept the attractions of both genders. That means a person could belong to a religious group that welcomes their sexual orientation. If that is the case, then what causes same sex attraction is the belief of the religion in the matter.

What Causes Same Sex Attraction? The answer to what causes same sex attraction rests not in the minds of those who are affected, but in the minds of those who choose to affect that belief. It’s important to understand that anyone can change their mind about their sexuality at any given time. While same sex attractions are often linked with changing ones mind about sex, that doesn’t mean that it will always be that way.