How to silence a sex slave during training
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How to silence a sex slave during training?

If you are a new owner of an adult slave, or an experienced one looking to upgrade your skills, you will learn how to silence a sex slave during training. The importance of this comes from how the person (sometimes the owner) who owns the slaves can be very abusive. If your slave is subjected to physical or sexual abuse during training, it is very important that you do what you can to break off communication with the person. This can mean cutting off phone calls, keeping the slave in the dark about what goes on between you and other owners, or in extreme cases, simply not letting the person out of your site during training.

When you are learning how to silence a sex slave during training, it is also important for you to keep in mind that they are human and will make mistakes. They may be hurt during training or feel coerced into doing things that they do not agree with. Mistakes like these can lead to conflicts within the slave’s relationship with you and the other owners. You must therefore remain calm and be prepared to deal with any and all problems that may arise during the training. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

– First of all, during the training, the slave should be kept very busy. Their mind should be allowed to wander but distractions should be controlled. If the trainee begins to get bored during training, you should cut off communication with them immediately. You will also need to watch for signs that the slave might be getting mentally disoriented.

– You should inform the slave that they will be taken to another room and separated from the rest of the group for the moment. This should not be a shock to them. It is usually a part of protocol in situations such as this where people are placed in protective custody. The separation, however, should be brief. Just enough to allow the slave to think about what has happened while they have been left alone.

– Do not let the slave know that you are talking about any punishment that you are planning to execute if they fail to meet your expectations. Remain calm and collected. Remain silent as well. Do not reprimand or punish your slave when this is mentioned during the training. Your silence will be observed carefully by the owners and this can cause you to lose any control over the training that you started.

– If the slave refuses to follow your instructions, ignore them. You have the power over them and you should use it. Ignore them until they do as you say. If they still disobey after ignoring you, treat them like a disrespectful child. You should also let the slave know that their disobedience has caused you to take action in order to correct it.

– During the training, you will learn how to silence a sex slave. Some slaves refuse to go through this process. Do not push them into doing so. Treat them like the princess that they are and let them realize that their bodies are their assets and they should only use them for pleasing you. If they begin to whine or cry, just ignore them.

As long as you are willing to learn how to silence a sex slave during training, you should see results soon enough. Training them to obey you in all situations, including in your bedroom, is very important if you expect to get what you want from them. Start training today.